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Maximize Your Airbnb Property With These 5 Easy Tips

Offering up your home as an Airbnb host is more than just having a place with a bed and bathroom visitors can use. While you can certainly create the image of a beautiful short-term rental property with your listing, you need to put your money where your mouth is to ensure you get both positive reviews and repeat guests.

As an Airbnb host, your primary goal is to provide exceptional guest experiences. By maximizing your property management bookings, you can create these experiences in a way that your guests will love. By taking a little extra time to make your rental property a place that your guests will love, you can start seeing returns on your investment–and plenty of good reviews. Occupancy and revenue are guaranteed!

Here are our top 5 tips for Airbnb rentals to make your property as welcoming as possible:

      1. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

    Nothing is more important than the first impression on your guests when they step into your home. A warm, inviting, and comfortable space is exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s for just one night or six months. Here are some essential things to consider when it comes to creating an overall welcoming space for your guests:

        • Cleanliness: Ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned before your guests arrive. This includes ensuring the linens are fresh, the dishes are clean and put away, your bathrooms are spotless, and there’s no clutter in the living spaces. And be sure to either do this yourself or hire a cleaning service beforehand. Your guests shouldn’t be expected to be your cleaning crew.

        • Thoughtful Decor: While there’s a certain charm to a fully themed home, as a general rule, you’ll want to stick with tasteful, neutral decor that appeals to a wide range of guests. Make the most of your space by avoiding clutter and knick-knacks and focusing on furniture like couches, seats, and beds.

        • Personal Touches: While you want your decor to be fairly neutral, it’s still nice to let your guests know you care about their comfort. Little things like fresh flowers, scented candles, or even a welcome basket with snacks and local information can add so much to a guest’s experience, and it’s sure to make their visit one to remember.

          1. Provide Essential Amenities

        It may seem like common sense to provide the essentials for guests, but many Airbnb hosts don’t. You want your guests to feel at home in your rental property, for however long they’re there. 

        Furnishings like bed linens and pillows are expected, as well as kitchen appliances and fresh towels. You’ll also want to include pots and pans, cooking and eating utensils and dishes for the kitchen–one of the perks of an Airbnb is that guests can make their own meals, after all! You can even include salt and pepper, hot sauce, and other basic, shelf-stable condiments to really make your guests’ stay that much more comfortable.

        Also, consider buying travel-size toiletries to include in the bathroom. It’s a small (and low-cost) gesture that will make your guests feel even more cared for during their stay.

        Another essential is reliable Wi-Fi. Even outside of casual browsing, many people work while they travel, and having a stable internet connection is something that can prove invaluable to your guests.

            1. Offer Local Recommendations

          One of the advantages of staying in an Airbnb is experiencing their travel destination from a more personal point of view. Offering your own recommendations on local attractions and restaurants can make a huge impact on your guests, as well as bring some business to your neighborhood.

          If you can, take the time to chat with your guests before they arrive to get an idea of what they enjoy and what they’re hoping to do during their stay. You can help them avoid the guesswork by giving them suggestions; since this is your home, you know the area! If you don’t have time, putting together a guidebook to local attractions, restaurants, and businesses is a great permanent fixture to include in your home.

          You may also want to talk to local businesses and restaurants about getting pamphlets, menus, and even some discounts to put in your home when your guests arrive. You can create a special experience for your guests while ensuring your neighborhood receives business. It never hurts to help your neighbors out, and they may have new regulars that come by whenever they’re in town.

              1. Enhance Safety and Security

            Safety is important, for both your guests and your property. You want to ensure your guests feel safe and secure when they stay in your home; there’s nothing worse than a vacation where you don’t have peace of mind. 

            Consider these few suggestions for what you can do to ensure you guests–and your home–stay safe and sound:

                • Secure Entry: Install secure locks and provide clear instructions on how to access the property. Consider using keyless entry systems for added convenience and security.

                • Fire Safety: Your home should always have functioning smoke detectors and accessible fire extinguishers. Include a map of possible escape routes as well.

                • Security System: Having doorbell cameras, an alarm system, and other security measures can set both your guests and your mind at ease, ensuring that there’s no entry other than the people you’ve approved.

              Also, if you’re worried about your guests’ behavior, it could be a good idea to include clear house rules, both in your discussion beforehand and in a printed reminder somewhere your guests will easily be able to see it. By setting clear expectations regarding noise levels, smoking, and other important considerations, you can avoid potential misunderstandings and ensure your guests are well-behaved.

                  1. Prompt Communication and Support

                While communication isn’t exactly tied to your property, it’s still something that’s essential for being a good Airbnb host. You’ll want to be quick in your response times, both before and during their stay. Not only does this ensure you get guests booked quickly and efficiently, but it also makes guests feel attended to and comfortable with their hosts.

                You can also save on some frustration by offering up detailed instructions on how to operate appliances, access amenities (such as giving the Wi-Fi password), and other helpful hints for your guests. You can even combine this with the guidebook and house rules to create a helpful booklet that you can leave on your property for all guests.

                For safety’s sake, you’ll also want to have a set of emergency contacts. Aside from 911, it’s helpful for your guests to know where the closest Urgent Care or Emergency Room is, where the closest pharmacy is, and who they can call for issues like security, plumbing issues, and other maintenance needs.

                An Airbnb rental is so much more than just a bed for someone to spend the night. With a little extra care, you can create a memorable, enjoyable experience for your guests that ensures they keep coming back whenever they’re in town.

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