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Cutting-edge technology combined with professional short term rental management from Doorstep results in more bookings and money for you.

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Managing Price, Gaining Profit

Do you own a rental property that you would like to convert into a short-term rental? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the work that goes into managing a rental property? 

Doorstep can help! We’re experts in the vacation rental industry and know how to maximize your profits while taking the stress out of management. We convert long-term rental properties into even more profitable short-term vacation rental properties with you being hands-free.

Doorstep’s experience in Airbnb property management business guarantees maximum bookings with minimal effort on your part. In addition to helping you set the right price for your short term rental properties, we have more strategies to help maximize profits and bookings.

5 Key Steps
for More Bookings

  1. 5 Key Steps for More Bookings

  2. Get professional pictures of the property

  3. Include a welcoming and thorough description with local SEO focus

  4. Add key amenities onsite like a hot tub or kitchen supplies

  5. Mention any extra services like airport pick up or laundry service

Let us take the hassle out of being a successful Airbnb host while simultaneously increasing your profitability!

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A Property Listing that Maximizes Bookings

What do you look for when you want to book a short-term rental? To maximize bookings, your property listing profile should include all the information you’d expect to see when booking a property for your next vacation.

Catchy Title

Creative Property Description

Property Type

Number of Guests Permitted


Essential Amenities

Essential Amenities

Spaces Guests Can Access

Photos and Video

House Rules

Dynamic Pricing

Minimum and Maximum Stay Requirements

Cancellation Policy

Additional Fees

Best Form of Communication

Not sure how to go about promoting your property with a compelling listing? That’s where we come in. We can also ensure your response rates are high so communication with guests is always open.

Example of a Good Vacation Rental Listing

This example listing should also provide the house rules, such as check-in and check-out times, how many maximum guests are permitted, and whether pets are allowed or not. Safety features are going to be highlighted so guests are comfortable knowing things such as whether or not there are railings around lofted areas and staircases, a smoke detector on every level, and whether the property is child-proofed. The cancellation policy is also highlighted in the description so guests know the specific requirements for their dates of stay.

A good listing is transparent so guests know what they’re signing up for and are not surprised by hidden fees, confusing rules, or less than what they thought they were getting when it comes to on-site amenities.

For the Best in Local Listing Management Tools, See What Doorstep Offers

Customer Feedback

Our clients adore Doorstep for its clear communication and the convenience of seeing their calendar’s availability at any given time. It grants homeowners control over when they can use their own rental property between guest bookings.

What’s it like working with Doorstep? See how we compare to other Airbnb property management companies.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Highly experienced and very responsive organization. Doorstep provides the best service available in the industry for your property management needs. First class service, people, technology, and incredible customer care. Highly recommended. Kaden will care for your STR like its his own. Ask about their furnishing packages they will have your rental airbnb ready in no time!

– William S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doorstep just needs the rental property address to get started managing your utility bills. If we happen to need any additional information from you, we’ll be in touch.

Yes! Utility bill management is a standard service we offer to all of our clients. You’re welcome to turn over the bills to us or manage them on your own. Our fee is the same either way.

Since utility bill management is already included in Doorstep’s property management fee, there is no additional charge for this service.

Once you turn over utility bill management to Doorstep, you will no longer be able to log into the utility account; everything will be in our name for the property. However, you will receive an outline of your utility bill in your monthly owner statement provided by Doorstep.

Your monthly owner statement from Doorstep will share line item expenses with you; all your monthly expenses, including utilities, are conveniently consolidated into one statement for your records and review.

For the Best in Local Listing Management Tools, See What Doorstep Offers