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Don’t worry about the upkeep of having a short-term rental–let the top Airbnb management company in Utah take care of it for you.

When property owners first look into using a home as a short-term rental (or even a long-term rental), one of the biggest questions they have is “How much maintenance is this going to take?” You want your renters to be comfortable in your space, but you also don’t want too much on your plate.

Property management and renting should be a form of passive income, so it doesn’t help you if you’re spending all your time maintaining properties, or worse, outspending the rental income that comes in. But that’s where Doorstep comes in.

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Enjoy Your Extra Income - We’ll Do The Work

Doorstep’s team of short-term rental property managers are experienced Airbnb hosts, among other rental sites. We know the ins and outs of providing the best guest experience possible, along with how to best manage dynamic pricing to get the best nightly rates for your guests. But we do much more than act as a concierge–we take care of your property too!

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Maintenance Made Easy

When a guest books a stay, whether from an Airbnb listing or from another short term rental site or app, they expect a clean living space in good working order and excellent condition. But keeping an apartment or house in that state can be time-consuming and wallet-draining. You may not have time with your day-to-day job, or you might live too far away to do regular maintenance on your own.

Instead, let Doorstep take that hassle off your plate. We have over a decade of experience with handling maintenance for full service rental properties. When you hire a property manager from our team, you’ll also get:

Working together, we can determine what kind of maintenance your rental will need on a regular basis, and how to handle any unexpected repairs that may come up.

Best Locations In Utah For Short Term Rentals

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Doorstep - A Different Kind Of Short Term Rental Management

There are a lot of rental management companies out there, but only one Doorstep. While other companies may offer to manage airbnb listings or rent collection, we offer a full range of services that make owning a short term rental a breeze.

Management You Can Trust

Doorstep can save you time and stress with its maintenance management services for your short-term rental property. From small repairs like paint touchup to bigger repairs like replacing drywall, we’ll take care of it all while you reap the rewards. 

We’ll also take care of your guests while they’re in your property, managing repairs, rent collection, complaints, and even evictions if the need arises. No matter what sort of property you own, Doorstep is right beside you with every step.

Customer Feedback

What’s it like working with Doorstep? See how we compare to other property management companies.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Highly experienced and very responsive organization. Doorstep provides the best service available in the industry for your property management needs. First class service, people, technology, and incredible customer care. Highly recommended. Kaden will care for your STR like its his own. Ask about their furnishing packages they will have your rental airbnb ready in no time!

– William S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doorstep promotes short term rental properties on sites including Airbnb,, and VRBO. Our top-notch customer service means your guests receive a response to their inquiries within 1 hour–not only does that help ensure that they stay at your property, but it leaves them feeling like they’re in good hands.


Additionally, we help maintain your property, both in terms of managing your property to ensure it’s in the best possible condition for renters and in terms of ensuring your belongings are safe and secure due to regular inventories and information about liability insurance.

Most likely, yes! Some areas perform better than others, but with a little creativity, almost any property can become a successful short-term rental. Our Free Rental Analysis lets you see how your property could perform as a short-term rental, so you can see if it’s worth the investment.

Yes it can! Depending on local market conditions, your home can make 2-3 times the income of a traditional long-term rental.

Throughout Utah, you’ll see short term rentals priced differently based on not just the amenities in the home, but the amenities in the area. Ideally, you’ll see a 10-20% return on your investment, so the dollar amount will vary. 


That said, the more local amenities that are available to renters, such as skiing, shopping, hiking, or even the Sundance film festival in Park City, the more you can charge for your property. We’ll help you determine nightly rental rates based on what your property has to offer.

Doorstep has 12 years of experience managing rental properties, and our team members own rental properties themselves. We’ve seen first-hand what makes a rental stand out against the competition, and we strive to make each one we manage fall into that category.

Some homeowners worry that renting out their homes will open them up to damage. Doorstep property inspections ensure routine maintenance is performed on your rental, and any quality issues and missing inventory are addressed promptly–we’ll even count your forks! 

We want your house to stay in tip-top shape.That keeps you and the guests happy, and that makes us happy.

We’re a full-service management company, so we handle everything! When you hire a short-term rental manager from our team, we’ll take care of:

  • Utility Bill Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Bookings & Rent Collection
  • Emergency Services
  • Furnishing & Design Services


Basically, we do all the work, and you get all the reward!

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